Parallel Working

It is suggested that as a precaution, some sort of paper record should be kept. Either all cash takings are recorded on the paper system every day, or the spreadsheet page is printed off every week  (it prints true to A4 as standard).  This is your “day book” which you may keep just in case the computer breaks down.

You may use the paper system as your primary system, and the spreadsheet system like a pocket calculator. Just type in the numbers in the same boxes without dates or descriptions, and the closing cash balance or bank running total will be worked out for you to write down on your paper system.

After a while, you can also enter dates and numbers on the spreadsheet and make a duplicate of the paper system. Once you get more confidence, you may start using the spreadsheet system as the primary record with entry of dates, descriptions and amounts. Once you are happy with using a spreadsheet system, you can send a copy of the spreadsheet to us by e-mail, remembering to ask for a reduction in the fee to reflect the useful work you are now doing.

One alternative is to record everything on the paper system on a daily basis, and have a weekly session of transferring everything to the spreadsheet system to work out closing balances to write back on the paper system, and to have something to e-mail to us at the end of the quarter. You might like to read about quick data entry if you do this.