David Porthouse & Co

See an accountant and tax agent as soon as possible if you are starting a business in Carlisle.

When HM Revenue & Customs talk about you having a tax adviser, they mean an accountant like us. We can prepare your accounts and submit your tax return, and if you see us sooner rather than later, we can guide you in avoiding penalties and keeping your tax bills down to sensible levels.

If you are starting self-employment, that is the same thing as starting a business. We can advise you on whether or not you should start as a company, on taking on employees, and on VAT registration, and help you not to do things which are inappropriate. We recommend that you see an accountant quickly if you have already started as a company so you don't waste your personal allowance or an opportunity to pay dividends.

Our use of advanced new technology makes us both affordable and fast. We are based in Stanwix, serving Carlisle and North Cumbria, and prepare professional accounts with a personal touch.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Accounts - can be done quickly to support a mortgage application

  • Bookkeeping and bookkeeping advice

  • Tax returns

  • VAT returns

  • Companies House deadlines

  • Business startups and advice

  • Payroll and Construction Industry Scheme

  • Director's current account management

  • Company dividends

  • Basic NAP content and snippet advice for website promotion

  • Basic "brand book" advice on general business promotion - try to see yourself from the outside looking in

  • Immediate firm quotation - uses the latest technology

We quote competitive fixed-fees in advance. Please contact us for a free first consultation. When we meet you, we will assess your requirements and then we will give you a quote at once based upon estimated turnover and other details.

David Porthouse & Co - Chartered Certified Accountant in Carlisle

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